Lynn Coady

Strange Heaven

Canada   1998

Genre de texte

Ce rêve survient vers la fin du chapitre 9. C’est la période de Noël et Bridget a pu quitter l’institution de santé mentale où on la gardait. Elle essaie maintenant de s’ajuster à la vie à la maison, mais sa famille ne la traite pas de la même façon qu’avant.

Texte original

Texte témoin
Strange Heaven, Goose Lane Editions : Fredericton, 1998, p. 104-105.

Bridget 2

Une difficile réadaptation

Between four and six in the morning, Bridget would dream she was still on the ward, packing to go home. She was feeling around in the ceiling for her stuff, but none of it was there. Instead she kept pulling out handfuls of all these nonsensical items, all this crap. Car alarms, even though she wasn’t really sure what a car alarm would look like. Plain donuts. The filter out of her mother’s clothes dryer. The head off a Barbie. And one morning at about eleven o’clock, Bridget came downstairs to pour herself a cup of tea and her mother told her that she had already come down four hours earlier. Bridget didn’t believe her. John said that Bridget had looked her straight in the eye and demanded, « Where the hell is it ? »

« It’s up in bed, dear, » Joan had replied without batting an eye. Maternal telepathy.

« Up in bed ? Are you sure ? »

« Yes, it’s up in bed, dear, go on up. »

« All right then ! » Bridget supposedly had said, stomping back up the stairs.

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